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Law Office of George B. Ready

At the Law Office of George B. Ready, we have over four decades of experience representing clients in Hernando and surrounding communities. Attorney George B. Ready understands what you are up against.

Welcome to the Law Office of George B. Ready

George B. Ready understands the court system after being a judge for 15 years. The Law Office of George B. Ready will speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself.

We Handle Insurance Companies For You.

Injured in an auto accident? Insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind, but the Law Office of George B. Ready does. 

We Don't Get Paid Until You Do?

The Law Office of George B. Ready only gets paid if you receive a recovery. Waiting too long to hire an attorney because of cost can deny you the restitution you deserve.

Can A Christian Sue?

Your beliefs are of absolute importance to us. We recognize the difficulties discerning between the law and your faith. Seeking a claim is certainly not forbidden in the Bible. The state requires automobile owners to purchase insurance. Would it be in good stewardship to purchase insurance, yet refuse to use it? Why would one invest in something, yet refuse to reap its benefits? That is not a sign of good stewardship.