Skilled Representation In Catastrophic Truck Accident Cases

George B. Ready is a northern Mississippi attorney who represents injured people and the families of fatal accident victims. Mr. Ready is thorough in his approach and aggressive in seeking results for his clients. George B. Ready will provide vigorous, results driven representation for you.

An Attorney Who Understands Truck Accident Cases

George B. Ready has served the people of northern Mississippi for more than four decades, as a trial lawyer and judge. Mr. Ready understands the law, the legal system and how to get results for his clients. The Law Office of George B. Ready will work diligently to build a strong and successful case for you.

Providing Experience From Both Sides Of The Bench

As a former circuit court judge, attorney George B. Ready provides personal injury litigation services backed by exceptional experience and knowledge. He has seen the qualities of winning cases, and as a firm, we use that knowledge to help solve problems for our clients to help them achieve the best outcomes possible.

Thorough Case Preparation And Aggressive Advocacy

Careful case preparation is the key to victory in any legal matter. This is especially true in truck wreck cases, because trucking companies and their insurance companies often resist paying fair compensation to accident victims.

With the help of a professional accident reconstruction specialist, our firm will document the cause of the accident. We will visit the scene and review other vital sources of information about the case, including driver logs, maintenance records and the truck’s black box. George B. Ready will make a full accounting of all your losses for inclusion in your claim. Our firm will be your strong advocate, seeking maximum compensation for you.

Experienced And Vigorous Personal Injury Representation

Contact the Law Office of George B. Ready, in DeSoto County, for a free initial consultation with a north Mississippi 18-wheeler wreck attorney by calling 662-429-7088 or send us an email.