A Lawyer Who Understands Surgical Error Cases

Surgery always comes with risks. There is never a guarantee of a positive outcome. However, patients have the right to question negative outcomes. Sometimes, these outcomes are the result of mistakes made by surgeons or other operating room professionals. If you or a loved one has suffered complications following surgery, an attorney can help.

A Legal Team To Handle Your Surgical Negligence Claim

At the Law Office of George B. Ready, we have more than 40 years of experience representing victims of surgical errors in Hernando and throughout northern Mississippi. We know how to build strong medical negligence cases.

One of the most crucial elements of these cases is medical expertise. We must bring in one or more trusted medical experts who can testify that the negligent surgeon or medical professional somehow deviated from the accepted standard of care or, in other words, did something that no other professional would have done. Often, local medical professionals will be unwilling to testify against their peers, so we must work with experts from out of the region. Our years of practice mean we have an established network to turn to in order to ensure that we have medical expertise on our side.

When you choose our law firm to handle your surgical negligence case, you will not just have a lawyer on your side, but a team made up of experts and other professionals dedicated to getting you the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

Examples Of Surgical Malpractice

With surprising frequency, surgical errors are obvious. There are cases in which a surgeon operates on the wrong part of the body. The surgeon may operate on the left shoulder instead of the right, for example. There are also cases in which the surgeon gets the patient’s files mixed up and does the wrong type of surgery on the wrong patient.

Another all-too-common surgical error involves leaving surgical paraphernalia inside of the body. The surgeon may forget to remove a clamp or a sponge, or some other surgical implement. Left in the body it can cause severe pain, ultimately leading to another surgery for removal of the surgical tool. This is clearly surgical malpractice.

Sometimes, surgical malpractice is more subtle. Sometimes, it is the result of a mistake by an anesthesiologist or another operating room staff member. Sometimes, the problem arises during surgical aftercare. For example, failure to treat a post-surgical infection.

We handle all kinds of surgical errors, including:

  • Gallbladder surgery errors
  • Abdominal surgery errors
  • Colon surgery errors
  • Shoulder surgery errors

We are always prepared to try even the most complex of medical malpractice cases and fight for the maximum compensation.

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