Fighting For Those Injured By Distracted Drivers

In order for a car wreck claim to be successful, it is necessary to prove that some sort of negligence took place. An attorney needs to investigate and gather all of the facts needed to build a strong case that demonstrates the carelessness of the other driver.

At the Law Office of George B. Ready, we have over 40 years of experience handling auto collision cases for injured individuals in northern Mississippi and western Tennessee. When appropriate, we will bring in investigators and experts to help us strengthen the case. However, experience has taught us how to recognize negligence in all of its forms. We know that, in many cases, auto collisions are caused by distracted driving.

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Distracted Driving Is Negligent Driving

Drivers must keep their eyes on the road at all times. Traffic conditions can change in a split second. There is simply no time to send a text message or do anything else other than focus on the road. Unfortunately, there are many distractions that pull drivers away:

  • Texting or calling on a cellphone
  • Adjusting the car stereo or GPS
  • Eating or drinking
  • Doing makeup or fixing hair

Engaging in any of these distractions while behind the wheel can lead to all types of auto accidents, including rear-end collisions. Someone who is reading or sending text messages on a cellphone while driving may not see that a light in front of them has turned red or that traffic has come to a standstill on a highway. They may fail to hit the brakes in time, causing a rear-end accident. Distracted drivers may also swerve out of their lanes, sideswiping other cars. We hold all distracted drivers accountable for their negligence.

Texting And Driving Is Legal In Mississippi

Mississippi is one of the few states in which there is currently no law against texting and driving. The exception is that drivers with learner’s permits and intermediate license holders are barred from sending or reading text messages while driving. Not surprisingly, texting and driving accidents are very common in Hernando and throughout the state.

While texting and driving may not be illegal yet, that does not mean it is acceptable. If we determine that a negligent driver was texting while driving and that was the cause of the car accident, we will see that the driver is held accountable.

How do we determine that a driver was texting while driving? In many cases, the negligent driver will admit this to the police officers who arrive on the scene of the auto accident. In others, we may hear from witnesses that the driver was seen with a cellphone in hand prior to the auto collision. Furthermore, it is possible for us to contact the driver’s cellphone provider, and get a report that shows when texts were sent and received. Our experience means we know how to collect the necessary evidence. We will take the necessary steps to ensure you receive the best possible outcome regarding your personal injury matter.

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