When Employees Bring A Collective Action

Employers in Mississippi and elsewhere are responsible for following local, state and federal employment laws and honoring contracts they make with employees. If your employer has violated laws and regulations such as the following, you may have reason to bring a claim or lawsuit.

  • State and federal laws on overtime pay, payment of wages upon termination, wage garnishments and wage deductions
  • Title VII protections against discrimination and other illegal working conditions such as a hostile work environment or harassment
  • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act

Your employer may have failed to pay you for meal breaks or required you to work off the clock before or after your shift. Your employer many have misclassified your position to avoid overtime pay. An experienced employment law attorney can help document the wrongdoing and calculate total unpaid wages and/or unpaid overtime pay. Depending on the facts of your case, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and punitive damages.

Benefits Of Collective Actions By Wronged Employees

If many other employees have been similarly harmed through misdeeds by your employer, you may be able to jointly bring your claim as a collective or class action. A collective action is another term for a class action — a claim or lawsuit against an employer by multiple employees who have experienced the same types of loss.

Unlike other employment law cases, a class action or collective action generally requires no upfront legal fees from claimants. A collective action allows individual employees to pursue justice without the expenses of developing cases one by one. When a claim is successful, proceeds above and beyond the costs of bringing the collective action are distributed among the claimants.

Join Or Initiate A Collective Action Against A Current Or Past Employer

The Law Office of George B. Ready in Hernando, Mississippi, can help you explore your options if you and other employees were denied pay, subjected to discrimination or otherwise suffered exploitation in the workplace.

A collective action addressing your concerns may already exist. If so, we can guide you in joining forces with other employees — or you may be the one to start a collective action that others will join. Whatever interactions your collective employment litigation matter requires with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, or an appropriate state or federal court, our employment law firm is prepared to pursue your rights.

George B. Ready has solved many problems in his career as a senator, judge, special assistant attorney general, counsel for the Mississippi Senate Judiciary Committee and an attorney in private practice. He can help you determine the best path to relief through a collective or class action.

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