You Have The Right To Hold Out For Full Compensation

After suffering a serious injury, two of the most pressing concerns are lost wages and medical expenses. Thinking about the paychecks being lost and the medical bills piling up can be extremely stressful. If the negligent party’s insurance company offers a settlement, the thought of accepting it immediately may be tempting.

At the Law Office of George B. Ready, serving Hernando, Walls, Olive Branch and the rest of DeSoto County, we encourage you to resist the temptation and talk to a lawyer first. Please see our Video Center for additional video information.

Recovering Lost Wages And Medical Expenses Requires Assistance

While you may want to get this whole process over with, accepting the first settlement offer from the insurance company can actually lead to more trouble. Insurance companies seek to minimize payouts.

What can happen in these situations is that the insurance company talks the victim into accepting a settlement offer. Everything seems fine at first, but then recovery takes longer than anticipated. The settlement money runs out, and the lost wages and medical expenses keep coming. The victim is forced to pay out of pocket.

An experienced attorney will not let this happen to you. Our northern Mississippi law firm serves people in Hernando, Southaven, Horn Lake and other communities. We work with medical experts and economists as needed to make certain that the money we ask for will be sufficient to cover all of your expenses, those already accumulated and those you have not anticipated.

Replacing Missed Paychecks

You count on your paycheck to cover the costs of living. You need it to pay your mortgage or rent, to buy groceries and more. What happens when you cannot work because you suffered a complicated injury in a crash with an 18-wheeler caused by the commercial driver’s carelessness?

We will provide you guidance on sources of relief that may be available while your personal injury claim progresses. People often get into serious financial difficulty in these situations, and we will take care to see that does not happen to you. We will also work with you to keep track of the time that you miss from work so that compensation will be accurate.

In some cases, people are never able to return to the same line of work because of the severity of the injuries. If you are forced into a lower paying line of work or you are unable to work again, we will make certain that your compensation covers your costs of living.

Finding The Way To Pay Your Medical Costs

Doctors and hospitals may not be willing to wait for payment. Whether a fall on a slippery floor or an auto accident caused the injury, we will explore options for immediate payment of doctor and hospital bills as your personal injury claim moves forward.

Whether your case involves a head injury, back injury, broken bones or any other type of injury, we can help. We will work hard to see that the costs of surgery, physical therapy, prosthetics, wheelchairs, hospital stays, doctor visits and everything else are covered by the compensation we ask the insurance company to provide.

Start With A Free Consultation

When injured, do not hesitate to seek legal counsel and advice. Talk to a lawyer at our law firm by calling 662-429-7088. You can also get in touch with us by email. The consultation is free.

We handle all catastrophic injury cases on a contingency basis. That means you will only be asked to pay if your case is a success.